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 Flyttet til HUSET / Analog Bar
Rådhusstræde 13.

Join the release concert for our new album 23 oct in Copenhagen!
Click the link:

2014.07.21 BeingFrank april 2014:

2014.07.21 Being Frank signed with the Danish record company Target Group,  and will release a new album "From The Waste Up" 23 oct 2014.

The new album Cover:

Rumours go that they did not make it after their studio burned down:

But others find it more realistic that they where infact frozen down. Maybe this is true - at least we found lead vocal singer Rune Abro in a freezing cabine:

However, Sebastian - guitars - was found standing somewhere no one noticed for a very long time. Is he awake?

Frank -bass-  was found when Rune looked over his shoulder:

Anyways, the band was then united by force in the studio, everyone hated the idea and tried to leave all the time:

Magnus - Guitars - tried to flee using the basement exit:

The drummer was never found , so a new drummer was installed, Anders Birk Rustrup:

Now at some point, the band was supplied with instruments and a studio and please notice the difference in attitude before and after this change:

And bingo, the band started to generate a new album:

2008.10.18 Being Frank´s record company, Kick music, has merged with the
Larger company SONY/BMG. Distribution and Promotion will hereafter be taken care of by SONY/BMG. Follow Link:

2008.10.12 Being Frank video "Her Mind" available!!!


2008.09.10 BEING FRANK WILL START RECORDINGS OF NEW CD on 20 november in Sweden. So far we can say, that our sound will become more influenced by computer use.

Working cover picture for now. And for now we can call the album:
"Your mom´s ok" or "Focus".

2008.09.01 . Many updates will follow soon, Our video and more, so far check out updates on "Being Frank", "FeedBack". Our Forum has been target for massive porno spam (!) so its down for a while more.

Oh.. Thank you very very very very much to those 62 peoble (SIXTY TWO) who has joined our news-email list during the period where Being Frank has been "down". We are VERY grateful for this!

2008.07.01 : Thanks to everyone at GRØNJORDSKOLLEGIET annual summerparty for super-audience-performance when Being Frank played!

2008.03.22 Where is BEING FRANK??  IS BEING FRANK "BEEN FRANK"?? Thousands of fans are crying and dying in their agony due to the missing pressense of BEING FRANK. SO? Heres finally some status:

Rune, frontsinger just came home from 3 months in india, Frank has spend a lot of time in Moldavia - was married down there (!), Magnus is in Egypt...  But we will soon be together again, and conquer ze world!

Booking company: SCANMUSIC.DK and BeingFrank have started coorporation.
Next concert is likely to be in "Templet" in Lyngby we will come back with a date.
A Video, this time of the song "STAY" will be recorded also by Gorilla film around april 2008. Dats all folks :-)

Finaly the Videorecordings of "Her Mind" has tailed of, and the crew from Gorilla film is hardworking right now to finish it all. CHECK OUT PHOTOS IN THE GALLERY!!

Due to problems with police etc. the "Copenhagen chanel" concept for the Her Mind Video have been changed: In stead we now have 6 outstanding dancers, a wonderful coreographer Sara Gaardboe etc. to create a super video. The shooting of the video wil now take place 24/11.

BeingFrank is presently planning the creation of a music video. The video will be filmed from 25/8 this month and approx 2 weeks ahead by GorilllaFilm. What song??? After a long debate the chosen "super-hit-song" from our new album will be: HER MIND
The video will be recorded in the channels of Copenhagen... a WET experience for our poor frontsinger Rune...!!


2007.06.01 Being frank plays at Falkoner salen for 700 peoble at a private party (NNIT).

2007.05.14: Thankyou everyone for a super evening at RUST 8/5. We´re extremely greatful that so many of you appeared on a tuesday!!! RUST was STUFFED and you all made a spectacular party. Thank you so much :-) hope to see you next time, 16/6 Vesterbro festival. (in between Being Frank will play at "a secret place" for almost 1000 peoble at a private party in copenhagen 1/6... )

2007.05.08 : RELEASE OF BF´s second album "When Unavoidable" is today!
Come and have fun at RUST from nine o´clock When BeingFrank And support band Intuse will play.
So far the promotion of the new album has proven to go better than alle expectations. Of 34 visited CD-shops in Ålborg, Randers, Viborg, Silkeborg, Århus and central Copenhagen 33 has received our promotion peoble very positively, hanging up our posters, helping to distribute our promotion CD etc etc.
Next week the promotion goes to Odense, Esbejrg and the rest of the country.
Below, the nice TP store near Købmagergade in Copenhagen.. :-)

BeingFrank was chosen to play at Vesterbro festival this summer, more details later. This festival is growing extreemely fast. This year, the festival will be TWICE as big as last year. Perhaps one could call the festival for "A Copenhagen SPOT-festival"? A festival dedicated for upcoming bands, with a proffesional team to select the music.

New Pictures...     more samples in the Gallery.

Being Frank had thumbs up fomr A&R manager Jacob Binzer on Kick Records, and Being Frank Will be released within the frames of Kick Records 8/5 2007.

It is now 100% that Being Frank´s next album will not be released by ourselves, but in stead on a mid-sized Danish compay. The live job at RUST 8/5 will be a release party. Come and have FUN :-) Thats what its all about! Cheers!

Ungdomshuset: Being Franks frontsinger, Rune Aabro was attacked near Ungdomshuset by Police and police dogs in a very rough manner. The bites from the dogs especially on Runes Arm is presenly somewhat alarming as Rune have almost no feeling in the arm allthough he is taking antibiotika. To document this violent action, a picture of Runes arm will be used in the lawsuit against the police.

BEING FRANK PLAYS FULL LIVE CONCERT AT RUST, COPENHAGEN TUESDAY 8/5 !!! Songs fom both albums will be presented live as well as unreleased material.

NEW: Being Frank on MySpace
Here you can hear a not-yet-mastered version of the song "The Gentleman" from the new unreleased album "When Unavoidable" (work title).

Being Franks next album "When Unavoidable" (worktitle):

Will be released approx. Apr 2007. The album wil be mastered in surround sound for the most freaky, nerdy of you out there who has the equipment aquired.
Songs for sure on the album: The Gentleman/Her Mind/Stay/What a Bore/Sleep Darling Junkie/Sweet Rebellion/Woman Makes Me Mad/Tennesee.
We have fine negotiations with a record company but cannot reveal any details at this point.

Feedback from english site "Thatchspace"
The writer has visited our UK record company BeatPick and chose to mention 2 of the approx. 50 bands, fortunately Being Frank was mentioned:
"BeingFrank are a band from Manchester. Pop songs that you find banging around in your brain after a really short time. All extremely well composed, well produced and catchy (way too catchy)"

- Oh well there is only one "Being Frank" at Beat Pick, and they´re from Copenhagen :-)


Checkout gallery pictures from Nakke festival in July

CHAMPAGNE! The Morten Skovgaard Danielsen album: "SLEEP MY DARLING JUNKIE - sleep" was released today, and included 2 tracks played by and partly created by Being Frank. And, we have learned that DR has Given Being Frank fine airplay today :-)


Being Frank was assigned to participate in the recording of the new CD with Morten Skovgaard Danielsen. We will describe the genre as modernistic classic music, and here BF will contribute as a "volumen max" on the CD. - Sure, this is out of the normal BF style whatever that is :-) but, we are certainly examining new possibilities, perhaps to be used in the ongoing recording of our own CD no 2.

Being Frank is now roughly half way recording a new album, and honestly we´re confident big time. There will be minor changes in style compared to the first album, but still the RIGHT TO PLAY WHATEVER GENRE WE FEEL LIKE is maintained :-) .
Anyway, it doesn´t matter if we want it or not, people can always hear that "this is Being Frank playing", so we guess the reviewers will live with it.      Right???


Another chance to see Being Frank is saturday 22/7 14.30 at the Nakkefestival. Check it out! This whole festival appears to be SO COOL!!! And we will spoil you guys :-)

Thank to the sweet audience at Rådhuspladsen yesterday :-)
We blew all pan flutes to kingdom come !!! Poor fellas..!

Being Frank will play at Rådhuspladsen 7 maj in the time frame 16-18.30. We will possibly start up at 17.30.

Shhh! It seems that Being Frank will play at the NakkeFestival in July! Dont mis it :-).

New series of pictures available in our gallery - from Stengade 30.

London: BeatPick is on air! Being Frank has company from the other Danish bands January Jaunt, Stucco skies and Swedish Mole. CHAMPAGNE!!!
So now we will sit back and wait for world fame to flush our way!!

To the audience at Stengade 30 yesterday:
Thanks for a really brilliant support :-)  

You are very welcome to leave some feedback or any other comments in our new FORUM.

Welcome to our new guitarist Sebastion Djurhuus!
Erasure-Freak! Thanks to Sebastian for tonnes of gooood vibrations!!

 2006 01 16
PickUpSound/ Helge review of the CD "Being Frank":
"Being Frank dares...
Being Frank mixes style with success and a smile on their lips. There is art in their music, and they make beautiful ballads. My favourite song is Home Again"

 2006 01 14
Being Frank will play at the Emergenza Festival 2/2 22.30 at Stengade 30. Eight bands are on this evening, and tickets are 70 kr.  the evening starts at 20.00 - see you there!

2006 01 10
Being Frank contacts the label Whiteout to get a helping hand from people who know the Danish music industry. Whiteout was founded by Emil Jørgensen from the former DK band Swan Lee and knows quite well what we are facing out there?
Being Frank are SO pleased with being appreciated by Whiteout!

 2006 01 07
London: Beatpick Records (fairplay Music) says about BF´s first album:
"NICE ALBUM!!! You sound energetic ENERGETIC and PASSIONATE! And you have a good production, too."
BeatPick will include Being Frank in their catalogue, that will be heavily promoted around early February as BeatPick goes live1/2 2006.
Beatpick normally receives 20 demos each day.
In other words: BF now has a superb platform in the UK music industry! BeatPick is a non-exclusive, internet-based music site with selected bands. Their site is also represented in Italy and Spain.
This will be the platform abroad for Being Frank. In Denmark we already enjoy the initiative PickUpSound.

 2006 01 06
PickUpSound is launched on the Internet with more than 20 bands, including Being Frank. A great effort has been made by PickUpSound to promote their site. Around 170,000 banners promoting the site have been bought on Danish music sites. This is very helpful to the bands that they have chosen to cooperate with. Thank you, PickUpSound? well done!

 2006 01 05
Kultunaut review of the album "Being Frank":
"The sound of Britain! Being Frank does not suffer from being limited to only one genre. Musical talent is evident. The song French Love is absolutely GORGEOUS! This is an IMMENSELY INTERESTING DEBUT! "

  2005 12 13
Miss Label / Midget Records calls Being Frank´s first album A great album! We'll look into opportunities for cooperation, perhaps distribution, etc.

  2005 11 25 review of the album "Being Frank:
"I could go on mentioning each and every song, the fact is: All songs on the CD are extremely well composed, well played and catchy!
The combination of genres is very successful. Being Frank has a UNIQUE SOUND, no other Danish bands sound like this.
It is no problem that a band is addressing a large audience as long as they stick to the art and originality of their music. Being Frank manages to do this."

 2005 11 04
Who said booking? Danish cutting edge booking company Musikformidlingen / gives Being Frank´s music the thumbs up!
We enjoy the great company of Kashmir, Dicte, TV2, Big Fat Snake, Dodo, etc., etc :-)
This is a great honour, and we'll do whatever it takes to make this agreement a success! Being Frank is the first rockband / original music that is allowed access to their site in a year!
It's often much harder to find a really good booking company than a small record contract.

2005 10 23
Agreement with the Danish Broadcasting Company, DR: they'll distribute the album "Being Frank" to all playlist committees, all programs ? simply all relevant people at DR. But Being Frank isn?t represented by a major record label or distributed by a big player, so we don?t expect airplay for a while.

 2005 10 23
PickUpSound: Being Frank is contacted by record label PickUpSound. It seems they picked up a CD that we distributed in September. They use the words "great potential" about Being Frank and offer to sign us. PickUpSound Records is a non-exclusive Internet record label ? a great PR platform for BF.

 2005 09 20
We have just received 1,000 digipack 11 track albums printed in Holland and 1,500 three-track minijacks printed in Denmark. Now what? Let?s get a little bit famous in no time. This week we start spreading most of the 1,500 minijack CDs to educational establishments, DTU, RUC and KUA, etc.
We will also distribute from RUST, Loppen and Stengade 30. We think this is better and easier than putting up posters and having trouble with the police. A lot of people out there will know us pretty soon!

 2005 07 01
Mastering of the album "Being Frank" is done in the Subitomega studio. It sounds ok.  oh no - it sounds GREAT!

2005 05 15
Front singer Rune Abro creates the cover art for the album ?Being Frank. We also do some mixing of the album in the Loveflow studio (Refshaleøen) with our technician Per Buhl Acs.

2005 04 07
!!! It is a full CD! Not an EP? !!!
The first afternoon in Deltalab we almost finished nine drum tracks ? now we cannot help ourselves! We?ll record a full CD! Nine days left ? go, go, go!

2005 02 01
We have a deal! Thomas Troelsen offers us to record our songs in his great and charming Deltalab studio.
Sessions will begin 7/4 2005. We expect to finish 4-6 songs. We?ll agree on a prioritized list of songs to record.


Now online: 0224

Listen to :
1) "When unavoidable"
2) "Stay"



Listen to BF´s 1st album: